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Adobe Photoshop 2 objectives

8 Hours Suggested Training Time

The Photoshop 2 class from Computer Teach will show you how to perform image retouching and apply advanced effects. The Photoshop 2 class also includes working with paths and automating tasks. The Photoshop class includes the following:

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a) Cloning areas in the same image
b) The Pattern Stamp tool
c) Cloning between different images
d) Healing Brush tool
e) Patch tool
f) History Brush
g) Dodge & Burn
h) Smudge tool

a) Brushes palette
b) Editing brush presets
c) Variation options
d) Save brush presets in a library
e) Load a brush library
f) Restore default brushes
g) Brush as a tool preset
h) Save tool presets
i) Create a new brush based on an existing brush
j) Create a brush from an image
k) Delete a brush

a) Create a layer mask
b) Reshape a layer mask
c) Deactivate a layer mask
d) Apply or discard a layer mask
e) Create a clipping group
f) Save a selection to a channel
g) Display a channel selection
h) Load a channel selection onto an image
i) Save selection
k) Load selection
l) Channel options
m) Delete a channel
n) Duplicate a channel
o) Reshape an alpha channel mask
p) Quick mask mode for with selections
q) Quick mask mode for without selections
r) Quick mask options

a) Convert a selection into a path
b) Pen tool & paths
c) Freeform pen tool
d) Move a path
e) Add to an existing path
f) Transform an entire path
g) Transform points on a path
h) Save a work path
i) Display/Hide a path
j) Select path anchor points
k) Reshape a path
l) Delete a path
m) Deselect a path
n) Convert a path to a selection

a) Warp text
b) Fill type using clipping groups
c) Lighting effects filter
d) Pattern maker
e) Liquify filter

a) Creating actions
b) Recording a stop

Classes can be taken at our school in Great Neck, your business or your home. We can provide training laptops for classes at your location.

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