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Lotus Notes for Business objectives

3 Hours Suggested Training Time

IBM (Lotus) Notes is business collaboration software that includes email, calendars, to do lists, contacts management, teamrooms, discussion forums, file sharing, microblogging, instant messaging, blogs and user directories. IBM Notes for Business will teach you how to master mail, manage contacts and use the calendar.

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Mastering Lotus Notes Mail
1. Accessing mail in Lotus Notes
2. Creating and replying to messages
3. Addressing messages
4. Formatting messages
5. Attachments
6. Viewing mail
7. Managing mail with folders
8. Mail icons
9. Spell check
10. Subject warning
11. Adding a signature to messages
12. Deleting messages and restoring from Trash

Lotus Notes Mail Tools
1. Senders' Colors and Recipient Icons
2. Collaboration history
3. Finding available time
4. Copy Into Tool
5. Follow Up feature
6. Stationery
7. Message recall
8. Spell check
9. Out of office
10. Junk mail
11. Rules
12. Mail size indicators and quotas
13. Archiving
14. Mail preferences
15. Context menu (right-click menu)
16. Adding tables and sections
17. Printing documents

Managing Contacts
1. Opening contacts
2. Touring contacts
3. Adding, editing, and synchronizing contacts
4. Importing and exporting contacts
5. Managing groups
6. Contact preferences
7. Allowing delegates to access our contacts
8. Printing contacts

Calendar and To Dos
1. Calendar tour
2. Adding to our calendar
3. Repeating appointments
4. Responding to meeting invitations
5. Creating meetings
6. Managing meetings—be the chair!
7. Calendar preferences
8. Rooms and resources
9. Printing the calendar
10. Calendar tools
11. Group calendars
12. To Dos

Classes can be taken at our school in Great Neck, your business or your home. We can provide training laptops for classes at your location.

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