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Microsoft Excel Advanced 10 objectives

3 Hours Suggested Training Time

Working with mauipulating your data to get the best results. In this class we look at , grouping data, subtotals, scenarios, data tables, goal seek, hyperlinks, autofill lists, and tables.

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1. Getting the Most from Your Data

1. Outlining and Grouping Data
2. Exploring Scenarios
3. Using Data Analysis Tools
4. Excel and Hyperlinks
5. Using Custom AutoFill Lists

2. Managing Tables

1. Working with Tables
2. Working with Records and Fields
3. Working with Tables and Filter
4. Using Excel as a Database

3. Pivoting Data

1. Getting Started with PivotTables
2. Working with PivotTable Data
3. Formatting a PivotTable
4. Advanced PivotTable Tasks
5. Using PowerPivot

4. Charting Pivoted Data

1. Getting Started with PivotCharts
2. Using the PivotChart Tools Tabs
3. Formatting a PivotChart
4. Advanced PivotChart Tasks
Classes can be taken at our school in Great Neck, your business or your home. We can provide training laptops for classes at your location.

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