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Microsoft PowerPoint for Business Level 1 (basics) objectives

3 Hours Suggested Training Time

Good communication is critical in today’s business world and Microsoft PowerPoint for Professionals - Level 1 will teach you how to create dynamic presentations that will be sure to communicate your ideas effectively. You will learn to create a slide show using themes, images, charts, and tables

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Getting Started with PowerPoint
1.Opening Power Point
2.Interface Overview
3.Interacting with Power Point
4.Closing Power Point

The Quick Access Toolbar
1.Adding and Removing Buttons
2.Moving the Quick Access Toolbar
3.Customizing the Toolbar

Tabs and Groups
1.About Tabs
2.About Groups
3.About Option Buttons
4.Minimizing the Ribbon

Creating a Presentation
1.Create a Presentation
2.Add Slides to a Presentation
3.Adding Content to Slides
4.Deleting Slides

Arranging Slides
1.Dragging and Dropping Slides
2.Creating Sections
3.Viewing Sections
4.Moving Slides and Sections
5.Deleting Sections

Using Themes and Backgrounds
1.Changing the Theme
2.Customizing Theme Colors
3.Customizing Theme Fonts
4.Customizing Theme Effects
5.Using the Format Background Dialog

Formatting Text on Slides
1.Apply Character Formats
2.Apply Paragraph Formats
3.Format Text Placeholders

Adding Graphical Objects to a Presentation
1.Insert Clip Art and Pictures
2.Draw Shapes
3.Insert WordArt

Modifying Objects
1.Work with Objects
2.Change Object Orientation
3.Format Objects
4.Group and Ungroup Objects
5.Arrange Objects

Adding Tables to a Presentation
1.Create a Table
2.Format Tables
3.Insert a Table from Microsoft Word

Inserting Charts in a Presentation
1.Create a Chart
2.Edit Chart Data
3.Modify a Chart
4.Paste a Chart from Microsoft Excel

Printing a Presentation
1.Review Content
2.Printing a Presentation
3.Printing Handouts
4.Printing Notes Pages

Classes can be taken at our school in Great Neck, your business or your home. We can provide training laptops for classes at your location.

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