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Microsoft PowerPoint for Business Level 2 (int) objectives

3 Hours Suggested Training Time

Good communication is critical in today’s business world and Microsoft PowerPoint for Professionals - Level 2 will teach you how to create dynamic presentations that will be sure to communicate your ideas effectively. You will learn to work with pictures, shapes, transitions, special effects, multimedia, organizational charts, design templates and customized slideshows.

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Doing More with Pictures
1.Resizing Pictures
2.Moving Pictures
3.Arranging Pictures
4.Apply Artistic Effects to Pictures

Doing More with Shapes
1.Editing Shapes
2.Arranging Shapes
3.Grouping and Ungrouping Shapes
4.Adding Text to Shapes

Adding Transitions to a Presentation
1.Applying a Transition from the Gallery
2.Setting Transition Options
3.Setting Transition Timing
Adding Special Effects to a Presentation
1.Applying an Effect from the Gallery
2.Setting Effect Option
3.Customize Timing

Adding Multimedia to a Presentation
1.Add Sound or Music to a Presentation
2.Add a Video Clip to a Presentation

Adding Organizational Charts to a Presentation
1.Create Organizational Charts
2.Modify Organizational Charts

Customizing a Design Template
1.Set Up a Slide Master
2.Customize Slide Layouts
3.Create Custom Themes
4.Add Headers and Footers
5.Modify the Notes Master
6.Modify the Handout Master

Customizing a Slide Show Presentation
1.Set Up a Custom Show
2.Create a Presenter-Independent Slide Show
3.Set Up a Slide Show to Repeat Automatically

Classes can be taken at our school in Great Neck, your business or your home. We can provide training laptops for classes at your location.

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