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Microsoft Word Advanced 07 objectives

3 Hours Suggested Training Time

Creating a document, the Quick Access toolbar, Ribbons and Chunks, selecting text, moving text, applying advanced text affects, fonts on the Home Ribbon, using tabs, paragraph options, using layouts and views, using print preview, using page setup, printing a document

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1. Creating a Document
2. Navigating in Your Document
3. Doing More with Your Department
4. Working with Your Document
5. Getting Help in Word
6. The Quick Access Toolbar
7. Ribbons and Chunks
8. The Home Ribbon
9. The Insert Ribbon
10. The View Ribbon
11. The Page Layout Ribbon
12. The References Ribbon
13. The Mailings Ribbon
14. The Review Ribbon
15. The Contextual Ribbons
16. Create a New Document
17. Selecting Text
18. Moving Text
19. Applying Advanced Text Effects
20. Fonts on the Home Ribbon
21. The Font Dialogue
22. Using Tabs
23. Paragraph Options
24. Using Layouts and Views
25. Basic Viewing Tools
26. Advanced View Tools
27. Using Print Preview
28. Using Page Setup
29. Printing a Document
Classes can be taken at our school in Great Neck, your business or your home. We can provide training laptops for classes at your location.

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